Prix Nicole Jolicoeur



At the 2017 Canadian Open Championships, on September 23rd, we presented our volunteer of the year 2016-2017 – Sylvie Daulne

Sylvie has been with us for many years taking care of “our judges and officials”. She offers an exceptional VIP service for which our competitions are known. Not only does she know all our officials’ preferences …. sweet tooth … 1 milk …. Coffee 2 milk, no sugar, biscuits … she also anticipates their needs. Sylvie is indispensable. Her welcome, her warmth and her availability are enormously appreciated. We love to have her with us with her smile and her wonderful humour. She is passionate about dance and, over and above practicing this sport with her husband, Dominic, she has also been a monitor in a well-known dance school in Montreal.

It is for all her reasons that we have expressed her appreciation for all the years she has devoted to us.

Ms. Jolicoeur, President of DanseSport Québec from 1988 to 2008, presented the award.