Would you like to know more???

Essentially, the program “So … WE DANCE?” is structured in a fun way and adapts easily in all environments where there are groups of young people, whether it be in a school, at a youth assembly center, at a festival or in an environment suitable for children with difficulties.

The program is designed to do presentations of dance sport to groups of young people ranging in age from 5 to 15 years (sometimes younger). Three presenters animate during the presentation segments (both practical and theoretical elements of dance sport) and the duration of each presentation could vary from between 30 minutes to one hour. The groups are usually composed of between 15 and 25 students per presentation and we are able to present at a rate of up to 8 groups per day.

The presentations include:

  • A small video on dance sport that lasts 2 minutes;
  • An animated video presentation by our presenters lasting about 10 minutes explaining what dance sport is;
  • A 12-minute exercise session led by an experienced coach;
  • An 18-minute session learning a choreography which has been adapted to youth;
  • A game of musical rhythms that lasts 7 minutes; and
  • A cool-down period to end the presentation.

In addition, at the end of the day we gather together all the young people in the gym and a young couple from DSQ perform in front of the students of the school. We also have drawings for tickets to attend a competition as well as a few souvenirs as a token reminder of our presence. There is no cost to either the students or the school for this activity.