Fantastic news

We are happy to announce that DanseSport Québec is the recipient of a $10,000* subsidy as part of RBC’s Learn to Play Project. This subsidy will serve to support our “So…WE DANCE?” program, which aims to promote dance sport among children in elementary and high school.

* Thanks to SPORTSQUÉBEC’s Placements Sports Program, the Federation will receive a matching amount of $28,000 (2.8 x donation).

For anyone interested in collecting funds, here is a good opportunity offered by Prima Danse:

Prima Danse is organizing a turnkey event for dancers who would like to collect funds for their costumes, registration fees and competitions! The individual or team would collect

50 % of the first $100 collected

, as the other $50 goes directly to the social mission of Prima Danse, which is to promote self-confidence in youth through dance.

Any and all donations collected over and above the first $100 are all given to the individual or team


The event will take place at the Musée Grévin in Montreal on November 26, 2016. Registration fee of $ 20 per person to enter. Come and dance one or twelve hours, it’s really up to you! The important thing is to show up!

Write to us at or visit the Prima Danse web site.


In September we had two open-house events:
– École Équinoxe à Laval
– École secondaire Mont-Bleu à Gatineau

and four after-school dance programs at:
– École Labarre à Varennes
– Écoles Équinoxe à Laval
– École secondaire Mont-Bleu à Gatineau
– École du Grand-Boisé à Chelsea

SPORTSQUÉBEC’s Placements Sports Program

In September 2016, DanseSport Québec received $10,600 in total donations (includes the RBC donation of $10,000). Thanks to all our donators for their confidence in us.