Throughout the year, DanseSport Québec will be organizing various activities in order to collect donations.

Dinner Party – With Friends and Family

As we are all beginning to socialize with friends and family, summer dinner parties and barbeques are coming back in full swing. Many of us will have guests bringing over bottles of wine, flowers, and other little goodies. DSQ is starting a new dinner party program, where we are asking our guests to donate $25 to DSQ rather than bringing their usual dinner party gifts and offerings. Due to government pairing initiatives, this presents an excellent opportunity, as donations are matched for a total 300% contritbution and are income deductible. Donations will support the development of dancesport programs in Quebec.

Participating is very simple!

Once you receive an invitation from your friends or you decide to host a party, anytime between mid-June and the end of August, suggest participating in this initiative! Simply request a $25 donation to DSQ rather than bringing gifts or other offerings.

Click on the Donate Now button below to submit your donations!

Write to us the next day at, tell us what you ate, tell us a few sentences about your evening and send us a photo of the event.

Here are our first:

Diane and Denis Michaud went to supper at Marjolaine Lagacé and Daniel Benjamin’s on June 17, 2020. The trout meal was delicious and the evening was wonderful in the splendid home of Marjo.